Joel Patrick

I'm a proud dad / husband. I love everything about starting and growing companies. I like to think about philosophy (I did an MA in it back in the day).

I'm a founder of Preview, an invite-only platform for serious art collectors.

Prior to that I was the Chief Product Officer at HealthUnlocked. I joined early on and spent years running the product, technology, data science, support, and partnership teams to become the largest social network for health in the world, accessed by millions every month.

I coach other product managers, CPOs and startups. I love people and solving problems.

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Joel Patrick

Executive summary

I’m an operationally minded, product-savvy, ambitious leader who’s passionate about streamlining the idea-to-production process. I believe you win by being united in vision and empowering people to be autonomous in execution. I deeply understand both product development and how to nurture people to do their best work.


Founder, Slide Ltd.

June 2018-present;

I created Slide to consult companies on building software development teams and perfecting software development processes. This includes everything from principles of leadership and communication through to Agile processes and feedback loops for iterating products toward product-market fit and beyond.

Chief Product Officer (CPO), HealthUnlocked

October 2011-June 2018;

I was employee #6 at HealthUnlocked and spent ~7 years growing the company, running the product, technology, UX, data science, support, and partnership teams to become the largest social network for health in the world and, according to Alexa rankings, the no. 2 health website in the UK, accessed by millions every month.

Managed the product and technology teams and company operations, specifically Product Managers, Head of Data Science and AI, Head of Engineering, Scrum Master, QA Lead, Design Lead, and Support Managers. The Director of Strategy and Partnerships Lead were also direct reports. All in, I was operationally responsible for the majority of the company (50 across London and NYC).Oversaw the end-to-end product process. From early on I implemented Agile Scrum ceremonies and roles, first acting as product owner and product manager and, with company growth, hired and coached product leaders. I can be very hands-on, helping with, say, the articulation of BDD, or very strategic and hands-off, depending on what my team needs from me. Emphasis was often on process, testing assumptions (A/B testing; key metrics, etc.), and learning through feedback loops for iterating not just the product, but how we worked.Built the largest social network for health in the world. Built a social network (mobile responsive site + iOS app) connecting 1m patients to others with their same diseases by partnering with hundreds of organisations to create 700+ health communities, including machine learning recommendations using natural language processing to profile the health attributes of text and, thus, users. Expanded reach through technical SEO from 10k users per month to 4m. Continuously worked to create an optimised site for googlebot (crawl paths, URL structure, 301s, etc.) to aid in easy categorising and promotion of user-generated content in SERPs. We measured the success of our iterations, not simply by the volume of traffic, but by running countless tests while optimising metrics such as crawl depth, frequency, and average page download size. Oversaw software development for B2B sales. Created a paid-for plugin which connected to the most popular electronic health record (EHR) provider in the UK, allowing doctors to prescribe HealthUnlocked’s library of recommendations based on disease interest or wellness topic. Created requirements for the client’s needs, balancing the trade-off between speed and building new technology. This is being rolled out across the UK.

Manager | Board member, Lambeth Walk Group Practice

May 2009-October 2011

Managed company operations and people. All staff, clinical and non-clinical were direct reports on issues of HR and company policy, while non-clinical staff also directly reported for issues of performance and day-to-day management. In addition, oversaw all issues of finance (£1m+ turnover)Enhanced quality of care. Put data capture policies in place for patient-follow up and reporting to achieve highest Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) score in practice history.Improved patient satisfaction. Took a customer-centric approach to patients and their needs, and increased patient satisfaction by 40% (patient experience survey 2010-11)Commissioned health services for 300k+ patients. NHS reforms meant the formation of new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), giving clinicians more power over services provided to their patients. I was appointed to the board of two companies created for commissioning healthcare across the London borough of Lambeth

Senior Project Manager, City Gateway

September 2008-May 2009

City Gateway is medium-sized charity (70+ staff) which aims to meet the needs of excluded women and disadvantaged young people of East London. I was responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of 5 contracts with various funding bodies, managing quality assurance and quality management, and product managing the delivery of an internally built youth-work database for streamlining processes and quickly acquiring data to support funding applications.


University of London, Birkbeck College, M.A. in Philosophy

September 2008

Course modules: Logic & Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Language
Audited: Epistemology & Methodology

General Assembly, Product Management*

September 2013

Awarded Best Pitch among graduates