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We offer comprehensive engineering services to our clients, focusing on petroleum and chemical projects. Our team of experts boasts extensive experience and professional expertise, ensuring top-notch services for your projects.

Our Services


Feasibility Studies

We conduct in-depth market and technical research, evaluating the economic and technical feasibility of your project, providing clear and comprehensive recommendations.

Process Packages

We deliver complete process packages, including flow diagrams, equipment lists, operating parameters, and more, ensuring your project is on the right track from the outset.

Basic Engineering Design

Our team provides preliminary designs for your project, including P&ID, Plant Layout, Primary Equipment Selection, and initial engineering estimates etc.

Detailed Engineering Design

At this stage, we delve into every detail, including detailed engineering drawings, equipment specifications, material lists, and more, ensuring the smooth implementation of your project.

Our Services Range

Our team consists of a group of experienced and highly skilled engineers and technical experts. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality technical support and services. If you have any needs regarding the mentioned equipment or industries, we look forward to collaborating with you to create a better future together.

  • Crude Oil Atmospheric Distillation Unit
  • Solvent Extraction Unit
  • Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit
  • Used Lubricating Oil Hydrotreating Unit
  • VOCs Recovery and Treatment
  • Isomerization Unit
  • Gas Fractionation Unit
  • Wax Oil Hydrocracking Unit
  • Heavy Oil Visbreaking Fractionation Unit
  • Delayed Coking Unit
  • Waste Acid Regeneration Unit
  • Light Hydrocarbon Recovery System
  • MTBE Unit
  • Vacuum Distillation Unit (with possible inclusion of Oxidized Asphalt Unit)
  • Acid Water Stripping Unit (with possible inclusion of Sodium Hydrosulfide and Ammonia Concentration Purification Unit)
  • Gasoline/Diesel Hydrotreating Unit
  • C4 Aromatization


Transformation and upgrading, new materials, new energy

Overall Achievements of Technological Innovation

1Transformation and UpgradingCatalytic Cracking (ECC Technology)200,000 tons/year (Industrial Trial)Preliminary Design
2Olefin Cracking300,000 tons/yearPreliminary Design
3Propane Dehydrogenation50,000 tons/yearEPC
4Green Power to Olefins200,000-300,000 tons/yearScheme
5MTO600,000 tons/year (Ethylene + Propylene)Completed and Put into Production
6MTA600,000 tons/year (Project Suspended)Process Package Completed
7High Purity Diisobutylene10,000 tons/yearFeasibility Study Completed, Project Approval
8Hydrogen Peroxide2×400,000 tons/yearBasic Design + Detailed Design
9Epichlorohydrin300,000 tons/yearProcess Package Compilation, Feasibility Study
10Oil Shale Processing1.8 million tons/year Oil Shale + 200,000 tons/year Waste PlasticPro-Feed
11Waste Material Green Recycling400,000 tons/yearPreliminary Design
12New Chemical Energy DMMn3×100,000 tons/yearScheme
13New EnergyBiomass Energy4 projects totaling 1.1 million tons/yearFeasibility Study
14Electrolytic Hydrogen Production30×1000Nm3/hScheme
15Hydrogenation StationVarious scales: 2t/d, 10t/d, 2000-45000Nm3/hScheme
16CO2 RecoveryVarious scales: 50,000-300,000 tons/yearScheme, Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design
17CO2 to Methanol500,000 tons/yearScheme or Feasibility Study
18New MaterialsPolyester120,000 tons/year PET, 80,000 tons/year PET, 40,000 tons/year PBTPreliminary Design
19Biodegradable Plastics30,000 tons/year PBAT, 40,000 tons/year PBAT, 200,000 tons/year PBAT, 5,000 tons/year PBSPreliminary Design
20Lithium Battery ElectrolyteBattery-grade Ethylene Carbonate, Methyl Ethyl Carbonate/Diethyl Carbonate, Ester Exchange Method Dimethyl Carbonate, Methanol Oxidation Carbonylation Method Dimethyl CarbonateFeasibility Study, Preliminary Design
21Polyimide2,000/tons/year full industry chainAlready in production
22Graphene100 tons/yearPreliminary Design
232,6-Naphthalenedicarboxylic acidCollaborative development of integrated technology

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