Leading Innovation in White Spirit & TPS Production Facilities

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Market Needs

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The Growing Demand for High-Quality White Spirit

At PurePath, we recognize the significant role White Spirit plays in various industries, notably as a solvent in paints, cleaning products, and chemical processes. Particularly, Heavy White Spirit is experiencing robust demand in the Middle East market and other regions, attributed to its efficacy and diverse applications.

Our Expertise in Building State-of-the-Art Facilities

We specialize in assisting our clients in constructing cutting-edge facilities for the production of White Spirit and TPS (Turpentine Substitute). Our expertise enables us to build plants capable of producing a wide range of White Spirit grades, including LAWS (Low Aromatic White Spirit), LWS, and standard WS, covering specifications from D40 to D140.

purepath white spirit plant

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Market Needs

Technological Excellence in Petrochemical Engineering


“Our technological prowess in petrochemical engineering ensures the highest quality in White Spirit and TPS production. We integrate advanced technologies and sustainable practices in our designs, setting new industry standards.”

—CEO, Jacky

Your Global Partner in Petrochemical Success

At PurePath, we are more than just engineering experts; we are your global partners in achieving petrochemical success. Our commitment to excellence and innovation positions us uniquely to assist in realizing your project goals.

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